Is your watch high quality? Is it the same as the real watch?

Every replica watch we sell is of AAA+ quality. Every detail of these 1:1 replica watches is exactly the same as the real watches.

Is there a box and certificate for the replica watch? Or need to be purchased separately?

The watch box needs to be purchased separately. In addition, the replica watch comes with a strap, if you need another strap, you have to buy it separately.

How to set the time?

To set the time for an automatic watch, if you have a screw-in lock watch, you need to turn the button counterclockwise. Then, you need to gently pull the button out a bit. The best way is to use your first and second fingers while using your nail as a lever to pull out the button with as little force as possible. When you perform this operation correctly, you will feel a slight click. For some watches with a date function, the first step is to adjust the date, and the second step is to adjust the time. Now you can set the time by turning it counterclockwise. This will move the minute and hour hands forward until you set the correct time. After setting the correct time, push the button back and turn it clockwise a few times to lock it in place.

Purchase payment

Can I pay by credit card?

Of course you can pay by credit card. In addition to credit cards, we also provide other payment methods, such as direct bank transfer, Western Union, PayPal, etc. You can choose your own payment method before making the payment.

Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?

Yes it is! We use various electronic and physical security measures and devices to protect your personal data and credit card information from unauthorized access. Your card information is completely safe here

Why did my order payment fail?

The reason for payment failure is usually that your account bank prohibits you from buying. You can change the payment method or call the bank.


Is my watch insured during transportation?

All our goods are fully insured to prevent loss or damage during transportation. If you think your goods were lost or damaged during the mailing process, or were not delivered within the estimated delivery time, please send an email to [email protected] and provide your order details. As all shipments are fully traceable, we will contact the relevant shipper on behalf of the recipient and notify you throughout the expected replacement date.

How to track my order?

After the replica watch is shipped, we will send you an email immediately. Order number In this email, you can copy the order number for tracking on the DHL or EMS website.


Where can I buy replacement parts?

You can contact our support staff to purchase replacement straps, pins and bezels.

What is the first thing I need to do after receiving the watch?

Please wind up the watch after receiving it. The watch is likely to run out of energy during transportation. Wind the watch by turning the crown clockwise 15-20 turns. If you know that your watch is powered by a battery, you don’t need to wind it. If your watch has a screw-down crown, turn it counterclockwise to loosen it. Then wind it clockwise 15-20 times as described above. When you are done, you can tighten it by pushing the crown inside and turning the crown clockwise at the same time. By manually winding the watch, your watch will start ticking.

How to keep the watch clean?

If the watch is soiled by dirt or dust, you can use a soft toothbrush and warm water to clean our watch.

What is your return policy?

We offer a money-back guarantee, if the watch is not suitable on arrival; just return it to us in a new original packaging within the specified date for a full refund. Please note that we do not refund the postage. Please contact us for instructions on returning the watch.